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Hamilton Industrial Machining was founded in 1972 by Reinhold Petry as an alternative source for custom machining. From its humble beginning, the company has grown into a modern 80,000 square foot facility with 50-ton crane capacity. We are located 5 miles southeast of Holland, Michigan. We serve the United States with custom machining, die cast machine repair, and fabrication.

Hamilton Industrial Machining is a family operation and we take your needs very seriously. You can count on the personal attention of a staff member who is truly dedicated to attaining your company's complete satisfaction. Our two shifts operate 22 hours a day.

Whether your need is for custom machining or production machining; Hamilton Industrial Machining is ready to serve you.

State of the Art Technology is incorporated into our complete manufacturing process. Aided by our CAD systems, your part will be manufactured correctly the first time. Our machines have the latest CNC controls and are maintained to new machine specifications. This assures you that your components are machined within the given tolerances.

Company Resources
Our company has an excellent, experienced, and dedicated work force. Hamilton, Michigan, is a rural community with strong family values and a culture that fosters education and a strong work ethic.

Reinhold Petry has a hands-on management style. He began as an apprentice tool and die maker and still enjoys this aspect of the business. He can still operate and repair every machine tool the company owns. He actively participates in the training of his staff. Hamilton Industrial Machining promotes new managers from within its organization, providing employees with opportunity for advancement.

Hamilton Industrial Machining equipment list includes some of the largest equipment in the state of Michigan. We have the longest lathe, the largest outside diameter lathe, a 20' floor mill with state-of-the-art CNC and laser feedback, in-house CMM certification, and a workforce with the technical skill and the dedication to "do it right the first time".

Our customers include the "Big Three" auto manufactures, power generating plants, the food industry, the mining industry, the agricultural industry, and various OEMs.

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